Kimberley Phillips

Writer and Mentor


I’m Kimberley Phillips—Kim to everyone who meets me—and I’m a writer and mentor with a passion for living a life doing the work I love in as many careers as possible.

I spent twenty-two years in my first career as a college teacher and administrator. When I decided to retire after having a stroke in 2014, I began to wonder what it would be like to do other work I loved, too. What would that work be and how would I transition to this work?

The path to a new career emerged as slowly and steadily as the return to good health. I decided to stop dabbling in creative writing and focus on mastering the genre of fiction.

Along the way, I faced what many people face after years of building successful careers, but who also need or want to pursue something new: how do we leave a career where we’ve established our identities as competent masters of knowledge and skills? How do we start over in new careers where we have to learn new skills? How do we become apprentices so we can become masters in this encore career?

Yet, I’ve muddled along, searching for guidance to bolster my confidence as I’ve learn new skills. Mostly, I’ve learned myriad ways to tamp down the fear that I’m too old to launch a new career.

As I sought answers to how I might create another career, I discovered others like me starting over after decades of success in their first careers. Many have felt, as I’ve felt, alone and   unsure. We’ve finally decided what we’d like to do new, but we find ourselves amongst others far younger who are launching their first careers.

But we want to persist in this new effort until we produce something or help someone in this new career. We persist because the desire for this new career burns as brightly as the desire we had for our first. We cannot go back to our old lives because the life we want to lead—inchoate and messy and hard—is our new life.

As I document my own journey launching my encore career as a full-time writer,  I will: Provide encouragement and resources about how to start and continue your journey as you establish your encore career. I will write about and interview real people finding their path to doing the work they love.

On this blog we’ll work together on topics like:

  • How to identify  your passions and interests
  • How to start a brand new career path  (even if you have no clue where to start)
  • How to overcome your fear of switching paths (even if you feel ‘chained’ to your old profession)
  • How to commit to doing the work it takes to make the transition a success (even if you’ve tried and failed a million times before)
  • How to keep going when every sign tells you to stop

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