Kimberley Phillips

Writer and Mentor

How Becoming an Apprentice Will Jump Start Your New Career

  You want to write a novel, but all you’ve only written technical manuals over the past twenty years. You want to turn your passion for creating beautiful hand-blown glass jewelry into a full-time business, but you know little about how to create and maintain a website. You want to connect trained dogs with wounded […]

5 Uncommon Behaviors of Successful People

Don’t you hate those lists that reduce the habits of successful people to habits that can be counted on two hands? Every time you come across one of those posts, you click and read. Still you remain flummoxed by the list’s claims that if you read, sleep, walk, and commit more, if you’d just get […]

Why I Started This Blog

Three years ago, today, I took my rescue dogs Marley, a mixed Retriever, and Bobo, a mixed Shephard, on a long walk through a neighborhood near my home in San Diego. As we strolled past a lovely 1920s-era craftsman cottage, I noticed a small Acacia tree with its vibrant green trunk. As I got closer, […]